It isn’t really a big secret that I love shooting elopements. Not only are there less distractions on the wedding day, there is just something so romantic about striping the wedding down to the essentials and framing everything with the idea that love conquers all.

Although everyone has their own reasons for eloping, it provides me with the unique opportunity to take my time and take the bride and groom on a little adventure somewhere scenic. I have had couples hike trails to waterfalls, hang out with horses and play on the beach.

Hannah and Derek hosted their wedding in one of the most beautiful locations, Playa Langosta, which just so happens to be the community that I call home. We were fortunate to have an empty beach and beautiful light, so this time, we just explored the beautiful natural surroundings of Punto San Fransisco.


Wedding Planner: Perennial Weddings

Wedding Location: Playa Langosta, Costa Rica