Costa Vida Photography has been featured in Ego Magazine’s annual wedding issue. This photographer spotlight highlighting my experience in the destination wedding market here in Costa Rica. Que Bueno!! Here is the full interview in english:

Ego: When did you decide to become a Weddings photographer.

Costa Vida: Becoming a wedding photographer was something that I fell into. In high school, I took a black and white film class where I spent some time in the dark room developing film. I really fell in love with shooting photos at that time, but considered it a hobby. Many years later, upon moving to Costa Rica, I started shooting seriously again and eventually shot a wedding in 2011. I found the experience of documenting a wedding truly exhilarating and was hooked immediately.

Ego: Why did you decide to come to Costa Rica?

Costa Vida: Costa Rica has always intrigued me. Prior to moving here, I made many trips and was always impressed at the diversity and beauty that this country has to offer. For a small country, it is amazingly diverse with all of the little microclimates. I find the friendly people and beautiful countryside to be an endless source of creative inspiration. 

Ego: Why do you think Costa Rica has become such an attractive destine wedding place?

Costa Vida: There is truly no other place on earth that fuses life, love and nature like Costa Rica. It is this trifecta of qualities that draws the interest of the destination wedding couples and their closest loved ones. One question that I get more then any other from my clients is “how can I move to Costa Rica?”. It is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to live in such an amazing country. 

Ego: What are three pieces of advice you would give to a couple should know about planning their photo sessions

Costa Vida:

1. Set Up a Phone Call: I would recommend scheduling a time to speak with the photographer over the phone prior to booking their services for such a monumental day. Although photographers aren’t paid to speak per se, you want to make sure that your photographer makes you feel at ease and  understands your vision for the day. 

2. Send Inspiration: I always ask my clients to make a Pinterest board with images that inspire them from my website and blog. For me, it is really important to see what work of mine they best connect with so that I can exceed their expectations when I deliver their photos. 

3. Schedule a Creative Session: This is the absolute best way to connect with your photographer prior to your wedding day. I really do encourage my clients to book a 1 hour creative session the day prior to the wedding so that we can get comfortable with one another prior to the big day. It allows the photographer to capture the excitement and chemistry of the couple and can be an amazing source of creativity for the wedding day. 

Here is a link to the full magazine on Issue: Skip to page 129 for the feature.